Now that 2020 is here Hyundai is starting the new decade off strong by adding a new player to their well-rounded roster of affordable SUV’s the Venue. Hyundai has pulled out all the stops for their newest subcompact SUV giving us ample reason to want to drive this up and comer.

Let's start with the big selling point on this subcompact price. Starting at $17,099 for the Essential trim level and topping out at just shy $25,000 for the Ultimate Edition leaves even its closest competitors in the dust in terms of price. Giving you the ability to break through snowbanks without having to break the bank.

Hyundai has upped their style game with a bold range of vibrant new colors alongside the old classics. What's certain to turn the most heads though is the optional two-tone color packages that come as part of the trend model which add accents to the roof, passing mirrors and wheel arches adding a little extra flair with three available accent colors currently available. The new styling extends all the way to the upholstery with several custom styles to help you stand out ranging from conventional black cloth to the denim blue-striped premium cloth that will really turn some heads. 

The Hyundai Venue is not only the newest Hyundai SUV, it also bears the distinction of being the smallest. This brings a whole new set of mobility advantages to your daily drive, not the least of which is ease of parking in a crowded lot. Combine its compact size with the available snow mode traction option which has the ability to differentiate between snow conditions and adjust traction accordingly and you have a vehicle that’s perfect for dealing with just about any situation Ontario sends your way.

The Venue is a Hyundai so, you can bet that occupant comfort is far up on the list of design goals. With a standard 8” touch-screen display, heated front seats,  a passenger convenience tray (think airplane tray table) and a dual-level cargo area the Venue is off to a good start as far as comfort goes with a substantial list of additional comfort touches that should appeal to just about anyone.

The Venue is packed to the brim with Hyundai’s safety technologies. From the Preferred trim onward the Venue benefits from Hyundai’s Smart Sense suite of safety technologies. For a comprehensive breakdown of Smart Sense click here. In addition to Smart Sense Hyundai has designed the frame of the Venue from the ground up with an in-house steel formula that maximizes safety while minimizing the weight of the vehicle to ensure an effortless ride.
The New Hyundai Venue is Here! Get behind the wheel and see what sort of fun can be had with the newest of Hyundai’s SUV’s. Want to learn more? check out a full brochure for the Venue here.

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Five Reasons To Check Out The Hyundai Venue

Five Reasons To Check Out The Hyundai Venue

The Venue's infotainment console

Five Reasons To Check Out The Hyundai Venue

A look at the Venue's cargo area

Five Reasons To Check Out The Hyundai Venue

A bird's eye view of the Venue