When you think about high-performance what comes to mind? A souped-up muscle car? A crazy concept that looks more like a spaceship than anything else? How about the Veloster N? The Hyundai Performance N-Line takes established cars from Hyundai’s regular lineup like the Veloster or the Elantra GT and cranks their performance level up to eleven, and adds unique design touches that really make any N-powered vehicle an immediate attention grabber.

Racing DNA
Joining the ranks of the Performance N-Line isn’t just about a fancy badge and an engine upgrade, it’s about performance in all its forms, and at the heart of each member of the family is a race car. Each vehicle starts life at Hyundai’s R&D center in Namyang, Korea where they develop their plans for each vehicle’s ascension to Performance N. From there the new prototype is taken to the Nürburgring in Germany and put through a gruelling battery of tests, all in the name of ensuring the newly upgraded car can handle anything it might face on the road. Once it’s passed to the satisfaction of Hyundai’s army of engineers and test drivers the newly minted N-Line is ready to begin its journey to your driveway. So, what has Hyundai done under the hood to turn an ordinary crossover into a high-performance machine?

As with any performance vehicle worth its torque, the Veloster N swaps out the stock Veloster’s 1.6L engine for a more potent (and Fun) 2.0L turbocharged engine which ups the Veloster’s horsepower from 201 HP to an impressive 275. In addition to upping the horsepower ante, Hyundai has added a number of performance improvements not featured in their regular lineup.
Electronically Controlled Suspension: Adapts to driving conditions to ensure that you hug the road on those pulse-pounding corners.
Performance Brakes: There’s no point in going fast if you can’t stop at the end of it all. The Veloster N adds special high-performance brakes to maximize your cornering and of course, how quickly you can stop.
Active Sport Exhaust: Add the rumble and pop of a powerful exhaust system to the symphony of fun that is the Veloster N. As an added bonus you can tune the noise level of your exhaust with three distinct settings.
Custom Drive Settings: The Veloster-N allows you to tune the vehicle’s performance to suit your driving style by giving you the ability to set things like vehicle steering control, steering weight and even engine mapping. If that seems like too much to manage you can always set it to N-Mode for optimal performance settings.

Another interesting aspect common to the Hyundai Performance N-Line is that they don’t go for a complete physical redesign instead, they make a few tweaks to help it stand out from its stock predecessors giving just the right tweaks to make it hard not to do a double take-especially when seen in comparison to its contemporaries.

While a car that can put some serious rubber to the road is a wonderful thing, Hyundai didn’t stop there and endowed the Veloster N with a distinctive look that’s bound to turn a few heads.
Custom Color Schemes: The Veloster N has been blessed with a range of unique colour schemes featuring metallic finishes and sporty trim accents to help it stand out even when it’s sitting still.
19” Alloy Wheels: Upgrading from the 18” alloy wheels standard to the Veloster the 19” was about more than just looks. These wheels feature specially designed Pirelli Tires which will help you take those corners with improved confidence and still look good doing it.
Sport Seating: Hyundai didn’t stop with the exterior design touches, they redesigned the front seats for maximum comfort and control while you’re powering down the road.

If you’re looking to get more excitement out of your ride, upgrade your driving experience to peak performance with the Veloster N, and don’t forget about the rest of Hyundai’s N-Performance lineup.

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The Veloster N

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Veloster N on a racetrack

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Veloster N on a racetrack seen from the rear