Ever Upwards: Five Trails Worth a Visit

Summer is in full swing and it’s time to get out and enjoy it! With that in mind we thought we’d run down some nearby hiking trails worth checking out while the weather stays beautiful. 

Samuel Wilmot Nature Area
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 3.5 KM

Opened in 1996 and designed around the idea of providing ample recreation opportunities while preserving the habitats within. This combined wetland and forested area covers roughly  77 hectares of land and provides well maintained gravel trails and viewing areas for a wide range of wildlife. Rumor has it that if you get there at the right time this trail has some amazing butterfly viewing opportunities.

Harmony Creek Trail
Difficulty Easy
Distance: 4 KM

This paved trail winds its way alongside Harmony Creek as it makes its way through Oshawa and features plentiful wildlife viewing along its route. Being a paved trail opens it up to a wide range of recreational opportunities such as biking and low impact jogging. This also means that it tends to get crowded if you hit it at the right time. You should also be aware that this trail has some fairly steep embankments thanks to being so close to the creek so, watch your step as you admire the views.

Seaton Hiking Trail
Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 14.5KM

Located a brisk 30 minute drive from downtown Whitby; this rustic nature trail is great for hikers looking for something a little more challenging. Featuring a respectable 174 meters of elevation gain along its length this trail makes for a beautiful afternoon adventure. Be aware that is an out-and-back trail which means it does not loop back on itself so, plan accordingly. As an added bonus the trail is pet friendly and open all year long.

Glen Major Loop Trail
Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 5.8 KM

If you’re looking for a good mixed ecology hiking trail then this is a great one to try out. Winding its way through the 1,500 hectare Walker Woods Property Complex, this adventure will take you through a wide range of topographies as you wind your way around the loop. It’s also worth noting that the loop intersects with a number of other trails that crisscross the area allowing you plenty of opportunities to add to your hike.

Bruce Trail: Caledon Hills
Difficulty: Hard
Distance: 71 KM

Looking for something a little more challenging? The Caledon Hills section of the Bruce Trail should fit the bill nicely. This trail gains an impressive 2028 meters over the course of its meandering length which features some notably steep sections and numerous shorter side trails to explore along its length.An added plus is that certain sections of it are prime wildflower bloom locations, making a springtime visit well worth your while. We’d recommend you bring lunch with you on this one, and maybe even a sleeping bag--depending on how much of it you want to hike.

The great part about living around here is that there’s more than just these five trails to check out. Get out there and explore!

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Five Trails Worth a Visit

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Five Trails Worth a Visit

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Five Trails Worth a Visit

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