Hyundai Motor’s Pioneering Nano Cooling Film

  • ‘Made Cooler by Hyundai’ campaign video, ‘Shade without Shadow’, shows how world’s first Nano Cooling Film directly benefits drivers in Lahore, Pakistan
  • Nano Cooling Film reflects solar heat and reduces infrared heat radiation inside the vehicle, effectively reducing in-car temperatures by over 10°C
  • The company plans to use data from the campaign to inform future mass production applications of Nano Cooling Film technology

SEOUL, JUNE 24, 2024 – Hyundai Motor Company today unveiled a campaign video (Link) showcasing its journey to enhance the lives of Pakistani drivers through the use of a new pioneering technology, the world’s first Nano Cooling Film.

The ‘Made Cooler by Hyundai’ campaign provided Nano Cooling Film to drivers in Lahore, Pakistan, who grapple with extreme heat exceeding 50°C and air pollution. The Nano Cooling Film creates a radiative cooling effect, reflecting solar heat externally while still allowing infrared rays inside the vehicle to escape. Nano Cooling Film is highly transmissive yet can reduce in-car temperatures by over 10°C during hot summer conditions.

The video, titled ‘Shade without Shadow’, conveys Hyundai Motor’s commitment to solving global issues with advanced technology. It begins with a ride-share driver taking his daughter to school, highlighting Lahore’s environmental challenges. A Hyundai Motor researcher then installs Nano Cooling Film on the car, explaining its technical features. The video concludes with the father experiencing the effectiveness of the film.

Hyundai Motor hopes the campaign will raise global awareness of the climate crisis impacting local communities and underscore the company’s responsibility to contribute to societal development through advanced technology. Hyundai Motor also plans to analyze campaign data to inform future mass production applications and stressed that Nano Cooling Film can be used worldwide, particularly in conjunction with existing tinting films.

Hyundai Motor was also invited to an exclusive seminar at Cannes Lions on June 20 to introduce its Nano Cooling Film.