IONIQ Concept ‘SEVEN’- Me time & Family time

Building a future fit for Generation One

We are committed to transforming the world of mobility with sustainable and innovative solutions , for the benefit of people, the planet, and Generation One – the first generation to live in an emissions-free world.

In fact, our tireless efforts to become more sustainable have been recognized by Interbrand, who, for the seventh year running, has raised the value of our global brand and ranked Hyundai among the world’s top companies. This recognition is based on our progress in electrification, sustainability, and smart mobility solutions.

Embracing electrification with IONIQ

The IONIQ brand is delivering our vision of future mobility by giving greater meaning to how we work, play and experience life in an electric world, and our IONIQ lineup is tangible proof of our vision and embodies our pursuit of ‘Progress for Humanity.’ Not only does our dedicated battery electric vehicle (BEV) lineup features best-in-class EV technology in the form of our E-GMP, but it also offers unparalleled interiors which are spacious, highly flexible, and furnished with hygienically recycled and renewable materials of the highest quality.

Introducing SEVEN Concept

With so many of us spending more time in our cars, and with the new possibilities presented by electrification and automation, the interiors of our vehicles are becoming especially important. So, we are proud to bring you SEVEN Concept – an innovative living space on wheels.

SEVEN Concept, which was presented for the first time at AutoMobility LA, is the safest and most comfortable place to enjoy your time together or alone. It goes way beyond the idea of just transporting you and reimagines the time and space you travel in. Inside the SEVEN, you can enjoy your leisure time, work, and communicate with others flexibly and comfortably – just like you would in your living space at home.

Space for Me time and Family time: Together or Alone

SEVEN Concept’s space innovation is unprecedented. Designed according to our motto: life is not just about spending time – it’s about time well spent; SEVEN Concept is the premium lounge where you can live life to the fullest.

The design priority for SEVEN Concept lies in innovating the space to offer our customers more freedom than ever before. We’ve pushed the wheels outward in SEVEN Concept to extend the wheelbase as much as possible; SEVEN Concept’s wheelbase is a class-leading 3.2m.

It all starts with Hyundai’s versatile E-GMP platform. Not only does this allow SEVEN Concept to provide outstanding driving range and ultra-fast charging capabilities, but it also gives drivers and passengers an unprecedented amount of freedom to change the architecture inside their vehicle. For this reason, no two E-GMP vehicles will look the same way inside, especially as we are currently testing the limits of this freedom at our design center.

The flat floor now extends to the 3rd row, allowing our designers to explore an alternative to most cars’ traditional 1st, 2nd, and 3rd row seat arrangement and create more fluid interior layouts. The interior of SEVEN Concept feels even more expansive thanks to the Pillarless Coach Doors on the passenger side, which open automatically to reveal a welcoming lounge inside.

With so much more space, the lounge interior is designed to support your ‘Me Time’ and your ‘Family Time’ at the same time so that you can enjoy your time together or alone. SEVEN Concept’s Vision Roof Display features a panoramic OLED screen that not only displays various content based on passengers’ tastes but also changes the overall interior atmosphere for maximum relaxation or enjoyment, to guarantee maximum relaxation and pleasure during the journey. Also, SEVEN Concept’s built-in Mini Fridge provides chilled refreshment on the go, and the Shoe-care Compartments refresh passengers’ footwear.

A welcoming, lounge-like interior for the autonomous driving era

As SEVEN Concept has been designed for the new era of autonomous driving, the driver’s seat has a retractable Control Stick that you can hide away when it’s not in use. The cockpit is ultra-slim without the need for the driving apparatus used in traditional cars, and the seats are arranged like a lounge. The Swiveling Lounge Chairs can also be customized depending on whether you are in the driving or autonomous driving mode.

The Universal Island and Smart Hub are important features of SEVEN Concept. First seen in the IONIQ 5, this moveable console contains a 27-inch display that can instantly turn the vehicle into a personal workspace or even into a theater. SEVEN Concept is expanding our ideas about the future of our cars and enabling the coexistence of ‘Me’ and ‘Us.’

An aerodynamically pure form with a powerful presence

SEVEN Concept is an SUV, unlike anything we’ve seen before. It dares to break away from the traditions and limitations of internal combustion designs and is the first true SUEV(Sport Utility Electric Vehicle).

SEVEN Concept has an Aerodynamically Pure Form that clearly distinguishes it from a typical SUV. The low, leading edge of the hood, single curvature streamlined roofline, and elongated wheelbase give it a solid, clean, and strong appearance. SEVEN Concept’s wheels are also equipped with an active air flap system to reduce air resistance and improve its overall aerodynamic performance.

Even in darkness, SEVEN Concept is easily identified by IONIQ’s signature Parametric Pixel Lights that deliver a Welcome Light Sequence when you turn on the car. The Parametric Pixel is the common thread that links the digital and the analog here at Hyundai. It serves as a reminder that we considered every aspect of design, down to every single pixel.

Overall, SEVEN Concept is a highly functional and beautiful SUEV that combines soft and minimal design and strong aerodynamic performance into one sensational, powerful, and future-ready car.

New features for safer travels

For many of us, hygiene and wellbeing are more important than ever before. At Hyundai, we want our future EVs and vehicles to ensure a consistently safe and healthy travel experience. As electrification advances to offer better interior experiences for our customers who will likely spend even longer periods inside our vehicles, we have built some features into SEVEN Concept which make it fit for the post-pandemic era.

SEVEN Concept features several materials which keep the interiors as clean as possible, including Mineral Plaster, Bamboo Wood & Carpet, Bio Resin and Interior Paint based on renewable sources, Copper and Hygienically Treated Fabric.

SEVEN Concept is equipped with a Hygiene Airflow System that takes inspiration from advanced cabin air management from passenger aircraft. The airtight control determines how the air flows inside the vehicle, moves fresh air towards the passengers, and extracts used air out as efficiently as possible.

In Vertical Mode, the air is taken in through built-in air vents in the roof rails. The air then travels from the top of the vehicle to the bottom and is extracted through an exterior duct that sits behind the rear wheels. In Horizontal Mode, the air flows from the dashboard to the rear vents, so the air travels from the front of the vehicle to the back. Most importantly, this system can activate itself automatically, whether the vehicle is in motion or not, to ensure that all passengers travel in the safest, most comfortable atmosphere possible.

SEVEN Concept continues to take hygiene seriously even when the passengers leave the vehicle, as this is when the UVC Sterilization kicks in and prepares the interior of the car for the next journey. After everyone departs the vehicle, the Control Stick, First-row Storage Drawer and Speakers pop up, and sanitizing UVC lights help clean the living space. There are also sanitizing storage compartments under the Lounge Bench Seat and Universal Island.

SEVEN Concept and IONIQ

SEVEN Concept completes the IONIQ lineup, but more than that, it suggests a whole new way of life as we enter the age of automation. SEVEN Concept has been designed to make your everyday driving experience as enjoyable, relaxing, and comfortable as possible while minimizing our impact on the environment.

Our upcoming IONIQ models will be equipped with many of customer-centric features that will enhance people’s everyday experiences. Here at Hyundai, we don’t just drive electric; we live electric, and we want you to join us on the journey.

* Note: SEVEN Concept is a concept vehicle, and its specifications should not be considered as those of an upcoming production model.