Hyundai Future: The Ioniq Family

Hyundai as a company is always looking towards the future when it comes to auto design and their lineup of hybrid and electric vehicles is no exception. While Hyundai has been adding many popular models to their hybrid line-up, such as the Kona and the Elantra, they aren’t just adapting existing vehicles. With an eye to the future, Hyundai created the Ioniq line--which melds their efficient and potent hybrid engines with that eye to the future. Let’s meet the family! 

Hyundai Future: The Ioniq Family

Ioniq Hybrid

The original Hyundai hybrid, the Ioniq first hit the streets in 2016 and quickly proved itself by beating out the Toyota Prius as the fuel economy champ. With a combined 4.0 L/100 km fuel economy, the Ioniq has an impressive 1,125 km range on a single tank of gas, which will save you some serious change at the pump and save mother earth in the long run. The iIoniq is packed with some serious tech with available 10.25” touch screen displays and the Hyundai smart sense suite of advanced safety technology systems. See for yourself what the Ioniq Hybrid brings to the table.

Hyundai Future: The Ioniq Family

Ioniq PHEV 

What do you get when you take the high-tech engineering of Hyundai and marry it to a sleek and stylish urban cruiser? You get the Ioniq PHEV (Plug in electric hybrid vehicle. With the ability to run 47 KM on electric power alone you can really save at the pump, and because it is a plug-in electric vehicle you just need to charge it up to keep plugging along. With a plethora of comfort style and safety options to choose from, the Ioniq PHEV will get you where you need to go while keeping things green. Learn more here.

Ioniq Electric Vehicle (EV)

Looking to use zero gas and drive a stylish car while you do it? Then you’ll love the Ioniq EV. Capable of going 274 KM on a single charge the Ioniq EV helps you escape the tyranny of the gas pump. Packed full of futuristic features such as an LCD instrument display, proximity keyless entry, heated steering wheel and more of that legendary Hyundai safety technology, there’s more than a few reasons to give this futuristic car a look! Learn more here

Hyundai Future: The Ioniq Family

Ioniq 5 

Soon, the Ioniq family won’t be exclusively sedans anymore. Coming soon, Hyundai will be adding a fully electric SUV to the mix. Coming in the fall of 2021 the Ioniq 5 changes the game by including all-wheel drive and likely an impressive amount of horsepower tied to Hyundai’s high-tech suite of safety and technology. Keep your eyes peeled here for more information as it becomes available. 

The Ioniq family of hybrid and electric vehicles is only going to get larger as Hyundai continues to show its commitment to green innovation and the future of automotive excellence.