Tucson N-Line

Are you looking for a bold SUV with lines that scream adventure? Then look no further! The Hyundai N-Line of performance vehicles has just added a new member, the Tucson-N. Let’s take a look at what the performance version of the venerable Tucson brings to the table!

Exterior Touches

This wouldn’t be a Performance N vehicle without a new look and the Tucson N doesn’t disappoint. Starting with an eye-catching grille that is a hallmark of all N-Line vehicles, Hyundai follows that up with a unique set of 19” alloy rims that look positively hypnotic regardless of whether or not it's sitting still or cruising down the highway. A few other updates of note are it’s updated aggressive lines, a dual exhaust system that has become all but standard on the Hyundai N-Line of vehicles and a unique colour: Shadow Grey.

Performance Upgrades

While the N-Line of vehicles is well known for their performance there wasn’t a whole lot that needed tweaking in terms of power so, the Tucson N-Line keeps its potent turbocharged engine while offering a more eco-friendly gasoline hybrid engine and a plug-in option that come out to 230 and 265 horsepower respectively. One place that has seen an upgrade is its suspension; which has been tuned for a far more responsive feel than the baseline Tucson 

Interior touches

Hyundai has rounded out the redesign with an upgraded interior featuring red stitching on a custom black leather interior with N-Line badging all around, new metal gas and brake pedals along with a number of more nuanced design changes to evoke a feeling of speed.

While there is no concrete date on when the Tucson N-Line hits the streets it will be coming soon. Stay tuned to Ontario Hyundai, your Whitby Hyundai dealer.

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Tucson N-Line

A look at the Tucson N in profile

Tucson N-Line

A look at the rich leather interior.

Tucson N-Line

The new rims on display.