When Is The Kona N Coming To Canada?

UPDATE: Hyundai Canada has confirmed that the Kona N will be arriving in Canada Fall 2021

Hyundai recently announced that they are adding a new member to the Performance N family, the Kona N! This is the first SUV addition to the N-series lineup. Let’s take a look at what makes the Kona N such an awesome addition to the family!

Exterior Touches

Every member of the Performance N family gets a number of visual upgrades and the Kona is no different, sporting a new set of sporty daytime running lights and surrounding fender details that give the Kona the feel of speed even when it's sitting still. Coupled with a redesigned grille that screams “let’s go fast,” you will definitely turn some heads when you roll down the street in this machine. In addition, the Kona N features an exciting new range of colour options such as:

  • Ignite Flame
  • Cyber Gray
  • Surfy Blue
  • Dive in Jeju
  • Misty Jungle

These colour options all come in addition to the standard ones found on the baseline Kona. 


The Kona N

Kona N in profile

Performance Upgrades

This wouldn’t be a Performance N vehicle if it didn’t have a substantial upgrade in the engine department. Featuring a 1.6-litre turbo 4-cylinder engine that cranks out 195 horsepower, this little SUV is built to move and move with authority. Coupled with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission that takes full advantage of the performance that the Kona N has to offer, there is no road that you won't be able to conquer. 

Interior Touches

Hyundai hasn’t skimped on interior upgrades either. The first thing that may catch your eye is a redesigned instrument cluster that gives the Kona N a very techno-futuristic feel. The infotainment screen has also seen a size upgrade to 8” in comparison to the 7” standard, with the option to upgrade to a 10.25” version which comes packed with a ton of tech features not found in the base Kona. In addition, the Kona N comes with a unique set of colour options: Two-tone light beige leather and Khaki leather.


The Kona N

Kona N interior

The Kona N's debut is right around the corner. Stay tuned to Ontario Hyundai your Whitby Hyundai dealer for updates!

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