Crumple Zones

If you’ve ever been in an auto accident then you know just how devastating they can be to you, your vehicle and your wallet. But, have you ever wondered what goes into keeping you safe? There are a lot of aspects to keeping you safe in an auto accident. Today, however, we’re talking about an often-overlooked part of driver safety: Crumple zones.

What is a Crumple Zone?

A crumple zone is a specially designed portion of the car’s body and frame that is made of less rigid materials so that in the event of a crash these parts will deform to aid in absorbing the impact from a front or rear-end collision. 

How Does It Work?

The entire design concept behind a crumple zone is a fairly straightforward one: to expend the force of an impact before it has a chance to reach the occupants. This is accomplished by using fewer rigid materials in certain parts of the car that will crumple and deform which in turn will spend more of the impact force before it can harm the people inside. In addition to the crumple zones as a whole, the important parts of the car are made of much more rigid materials so that whatever force makes it through the crumple zones will have far less of an impact

Can It Be Repaired?

The reality of a crumple zone is that it isn’t really designed to be repaired because it is designed explicitly to break. To a limited degree, it can be restored however, its safety cannot be 100% guaranteed in the event of another crash. Look at it this way: after you crush a soda can you can return it roughly to its original shape but, one thing you will no doubt notice is that crushing it again is now significantly easier. So, the question you should ask yourself is even if a crumple zone can be “repaired” how much force it will take to deform next time and how much of the force will hit the passenger compartment. This calculus is why even if a car doesn’t seem catastrophically damaged after an accident it could still end up being totalled by your insurance company.

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