Our Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated Mask Policy: 21st March, 2022
We urge customers to use their own best judgment in regards to mask wearing, but masks are no longer a requirement for entry into this establishment.

Addressing COVID-19 Customer Concerns at Ontario Hyundai

We very much appreciate the opportunity to be your Dealership and/or Service Center of choice. Your safety & well-being are our top priority. In response to growing concerns around the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we have taken steps to help protect our team & our guests alike.

SANITIZATION: Our Janitorial staff will be deep cleaning the dealership daily to fully disinfect our store. Our team has been instructed to routinely sanitize high touch surface areas throughout the day which includes common areas and other high traffic parts of the dealership. In addition, our janitorial staff will be conducting nightly deep cleanings of the dealership.

GREETINGS: While it is typically our policy to greet every customer with a warm handshake & a smile, we’ve advised our team to suspend any physical contact with guests including a handshake. All of our employees will also be wearing masks when interacting with customers and will be following guides marked on the floor to aid in distancing.

GUEST VEHICLES: We will use gloves along with seat covers & floor mats to minimize contact with your vehicle. These will be removed before the vehicle is returned. Every vehicle will be wiped down with disinfectant products after each customer or employee interaction.

LOANER VEHICLES: These vehicles will be properly cleaned & sanitized between uses.

EMPLOYEE HEALTH: We are suspending large group meetings & encouraging our team to stay within their direct work areas in addition to exercising social distancing and checking the temperatures of our employees daily. Our team members will not be allowed to return to work if they’ve had exposure to a COVID-19 patient until they have self-quarantined & been certified that they can return to work by a doctor. If they have travelled to a high impact area or been on a cruise, they will be required to self-quarantine before returning to work. If any of our employees display symptoms of a COVID-19 infection we will be sending them home for a quarantine period.

We are grateful that you have chosen to place your trust in Ontario Hyundai. We are monitoring this situation & as it evolves, we will update you with any changes in this policy.

For questions about your Auto Loans, Payments, Deferrals, and More, please contact the lender your Auto Loan is financed with below:

Lender Phone No. Email address
HYUNDAI MOTOR FINANCE 1-800-205-0540  
CIBC 1-855-598-1856  
TD AUTO FINANCE 1-888-586-4666  
Bank of Montreal (BMO) 1-888-227-9236  
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) 1-888-529-6999  
Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotia Bank) 1-888-777-6842  
Scotia Dealer Advantage (SDA) 1-888-298-3113  
General Bank (GBC) 1-877-443-5620 Customers are requested to go on-line on the Lender's website and apply there. www.generalbank.ca
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