Incredible Professionalism

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Sean and Oswane in the service department for their incredible professionalism and communication with me during a very long 2-month process in getting my vehicle repaired. I purchased my Tucson in December 2014 and was having engine issues at the end of September. I had purchased an extended warranty and my mechanic outside the dealership suggested I see if my repairs could be covered. Long story short – First Canadian (warranty company) are completely incompetent and would have left me without a vehicle for 2 months and had my engine sent to a third party for investigation – on my dime, only the repair would have been covered by them. Sean and Oswane spent a ton of time trying to fight with the warranty company for me. They saved me thousands of dollars and provided me with a vehicle during the wait. They quite literally saved my Christmas financially and left me a very happy customer. Thank you again, Sean and Oswane.