Leigh Malone

I was in the market for a vehicle used or new. I asked my daughter Brittany to assist me in finding a suitable vehicle. She quickly found out that used vehicles are over priced in the current market. She called the Hyundai dealer in Whitby, ON and spoke with Brad Edwards. He had a very honest conversation with Brittany about purchasing used versus new in the current market. Brittany advised me that I should deal with Brad b/c he is very honest. Safety was/is very important in a vehicle for myself. I went to see Brad on My daughter’s recommendation. Brad and I sat down and we talked for an hour before I even test drove a vehicle. Brad was honest, sincere, heard me, and understood my concern for safety as well we discussed the current used market vs purchasing new. Taking everything into consideration, I am now the proud owner of a brand new Hyundai Elantra Luxury Model vehicle. Thank you Brad for everything. I would highly recommend Brad for a serious conversation about what’s important to you about a vehicle. He even turned me away from a vehicle that was not suitable for me at this time. Again he was honest. Thanks Brad for being you. Leigh