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Ontario Hyundai Service Department

At Ontario Hyundai, our highly qualified technicians are here to provide exceptional service in a timely manner. From oil changes to transmission replacements, we are dedicated to maintaining top tier customer service, for both new and pre-owned car buyers of Whitby and the Durham Region!

What Happens After I Schedule an Appointment?

Please use our online form by clicking the link below to schedule your next service appointment, or call (905) 668-5100 Upon submitting information we will: Respond to you promptly via your preferred contact method. Ask any additional questions required to service your vehicle and confirm your appointment.

Have Your Service Questions Answered

Here at Ontario Hyundai, our goal is to ensure that when it comes to automotive service, you’re getting the top notch care you deserve for your vehicle here in Whitby and the surrounding area. Our team of highly-trained staff are here to support you. We’re here for many questions that need answers, and that includes some frequently asked questions about our service centere, when you should have services, and why you should service your vehicle with us!


If you’re hearing any unordinary noises or something feels off driving your vehicle, you should schedule an appointment with us either online or by calling. Our team can diagnose and figure out the cause, and move forward with a plan to repair your vehicle. As for the routine services, there’s suggested intervals in your owner’s manual that we always recommend following because that’s from the manufacturer and based on normal driving habits, usually the best course of action. If you’re unsure our team is here to advise you on the right services you need and help you make the right decision for your vehicle so you experience the long-lasting quality for as long as you’re driving it.

Our Tire Center sells tires for many makes and models but we specialize in Hyundai tires.
An appointment is not necessary for an oil change. An appointment does guarantee your vehicle being complete within 45 minutes to an hour. If you arrive without an appointment your wait time may be longer.
One of the most common questions we are asked is when you should have the oil on your Hyundai changed. The answer will ultimately depend on your driving habits but we recommend about every 6000km with the right engine oil, and we make sure to provide you with the highest quality grade and the one that fits your Hyundai vehicle specifically. If you’re a heavy commuter and road-tripper, you might want to think about oil changes at a more frequent level as you’re using your vehicle more, and your engine is taking on more daily use. That can lead to buildup in your different components that help your vehicle run. Of course, we’ll guide you through it and discuss your individual needs so your Hyundai serves you first and foremost.

With your tires, you want to ensure they last as long as possible before having to replace them (a service we can help you with as well), but to do that, you need to have regular tire rotations. When you rotate your tires, you are redistributing the tread across the four wheels so that they don’t wear down as quickly in the same position. When we rotate the tires we are making sure every tire gets even tread and you maximize performance and longevity out of each.

Alignments are also an important service to make sure your Hyundai gets at regular intervals. It’s realigning the suspension so your tires are connecting with the road in the right way thanks to the placement of the wheels. This is needed to give you a smooth ride and if you notice your vehicle is being jerked in another direction and you have to steer harder to keep it in a straight line, you might need an alignment. It also will keep your fuel economy high like many of these other services because your Hyundai is working in the most efficient manner possible.

Alignment and balancing are two different services. An alignment adjusts your vehicle's suspension within the manufacturers specification. Wheel balancing ensures that the imperfection in your tire is offset with a weight to prevent any vibration at higher speeds.

Generally, there are a few components to brake repair that you need to know. If you’re low on brake fluid you’ll see your brake warning light come on. When that does come in and see us as soon as possible. It might not just be brake fluid, either. Common brake services include replacing brake pads and rotors. There are some common warning signs which includes a squeaking or squealing noise from your vehicle when you brake, or if you feel pulsating from your brake petal as you brake. Also, if your stopping power isn’t as strong as it was before, that’s another sign. We can have our team assist you and get your Hyundai outfitted with the right brake pads and rotors, so you’re confident and safe on the road.

Battery services are also among the most common types of services we see here at Ontario Hyundai. Getting your battery replaced every three years or so is often a good idea. You’re going to know when you need it replaced. Either a warning light on your dash will come on, or your vehicle will have a harder time starting when you press or turn the ignition in your Hyundai. Often in the colder months if your vehicle is always taking longer to start up, that’s a sign. We have all the right batteries for your Hyundai and can easily replace them for you with long-lasting batteries that give your Hyundai optimal performance.

The appointment time is with your service adviser. The vehicle will go into the shop shortly after when the next technician becomes available. This helps us better organize the shop to ensure that wait times are kept a short as possible.
The shuttle is first come first serve. Once you have checked in with your service adviser the next available shuttle will take you to your destination.
During servicing we do perform checks on many components in the vehicle. Although we make every attempt to return the settings back to the way they were when you came in we sometimes overlook the odd one.
If you have your updated address with Hyundai Auto Canada you will receive a letter in the mail if your vehicle is under recall. When you come in for service we always run your vehicle with Hyundai Auto Canada’s database and perform any outstanding campaigns.
Pricing may be different from dealer to dealer due to geographical area. We consistently perform pricing checks against other dealers to ensure our pricing is competitive.
Our focus is on keeping all of our service prices competitive, so we don’t match other offers at this time.
If a warning light comes on your dash you can first refer to your owner’s manual for clarification on what the light represents. You can also call one of our service representatives for further advice. If your vehicle feels normal you can proceed to drive it to Ontario Hyundai or the nearest Hyundai dealer for servicing. If you feel your vehicle is driving abnormally, contact roadside assistance to have the vehicle towed to Ontario Hyundai or the nearest Hyundai dealer.
Hyundai dealerships are privately owned and operated. We cannot see detailed information on what work has been performed at other Hyundai dealerships. If you have visited another Hyundai dealership we advise that you bring all documentation with you so that duplicate work is not performed on your vehicle.